CHICAGO — An Excessive Heat Warning remained in effect until Thursday night after dangerous conditions continued across the Chicago area.

To combat the heat, the Illinois Tollway launched extra hot weather patrols to help stranded drivers as it gets dangerously hot on the side of the road.

The tollway added around the clock hot weather patrols who are on the look out for drivers in need of assistance.

From overheated radiators to busted tires, the extreme heat can be brutal on vehicles.

With cars flying by on the interstates, weather patrol also haul heavy debris out of the road.

“We don’t want anyone to spend any time stuck or stranded,” Illinois Tollway Communications Manager Dan Rozek said.

Rozek said between midnight Tuesday and Thursday morning, tollway road patrols checked on or helped around 250 drivers.

“They’re equipped to change tires provide coolant provide gas to make sure people are able to get back on the road and safely to their destinations,” Rozek said.

Drivers can also sit inside the tollway truck if they need to cool down and they can get transport to a tollway garage or oasis, if needed.  

Illinois Weather Patrol remind drivers it’s very important to make sure your tires are properly inflated, especially when the road temperatures are extremely high. Also, to make sure you slow down and move over when you see any stopped vehicle with hazard lights on.

With accommodations to try to keep fans cool can be a challenge for many businesses, including those who work at Revolution Brewery.

Chief Operating Officer Chuck Zadlo said for the past two days Revolution Brewery have made sure employees stay as cool as they can.

“During that time we have additional breaks this time of year we provide ways to hydrate as well if folks need to come into the taproom and cool off,” Zadlo said. “We also have a great walk in cooler that’s at 40 degrees they can go into to cool off.”

Walking around outside felt like a furnace on Thursday.

The heat and humidity created real feel temperatures of 110 degrees and higher across the Chicago area.

At Wrigley Field, Guns N’ Roses will take the stage Thursday night. Concert goers are encouraged to stay hydrated.

The Cubs providing a cooling bus on Waveland Avenue accessible from the left field Budweiser bleachers, as well as misters on the upper deck and the right and left field patios.

There will also be several areas used as cooling stations inside Wrigley Field, including the marquee gate, the terrace above Gallagher Way gate and the right field concourse.

People coming to the concert on Thursday can bring sealed plastic water bottles as well.