Saturday morning’s weather forecast shows below zero wind chills for most of the Chicagoland area. Temps will barely go into the mid-20s. Potential rain/snow showers combined with gusty winds.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Clouds break, snow showers end. Cold and continued blustery. Low 20—with low to mid teens colder inland locations.

Temperatures stay chill overnight going into Sunday dropping close to 20 degrees. Expect more sunshine Sunday with temps jumping back into the 40s.

Weekend temps will make this the 2nd coldest weekend of 2023 and the coldest weekend here in 8 weeks. The high temp Saturday is to come in nearly 20-deg below normal. Effectively, we have early January-level temps predicted Saturday—evening though we’re past mid-March. That’s not every year occurrence.

Full forecast details at the WGN Weather Center