‘A real taste of spring’: Skilling says stretch of 60-plus degree days ahead this week


Finally! A real taste of spring weather! What a set of days we have coming weatherwise!

Chicago’s warmest temps of the year are ahead this week!  And it will be the longest string of consecutive 60+-degree days in nearly four months!

Temps are to be mild enough that some may even dare to open windows a bit in the afternoons from Monday into Thursday.

Here are predicted departures from normal temp levels this (Monday) afternoon at 3pm CST.

The four consecutive 60 degree days will be the first time that’s happened since an eight-day string of consecutive 60-degree (many of them 70-degree-plus) which extended from November 3 through 10. (Chicago O’Hare highs then were: 69, 74, 71, 74, 72, 76, 76 and 75 respectively).

To quantify the change in temps from Monday through Thursday this week compared to Monday through Thursday last week, temps are predicted to average nearly 20-degrees warmer in the coming week.

Here are predicted departures from normal temp levels this (Monday) afternoon at 3pm CST.

That kind of change is nothing to shake a stick at–that’s a really nice warm-up! And it’s a special treat coming in the wake of winter 2020-21’s coldest spell, the 16 day arctic blast which hit February 5 and ran through Feb 20.

But the influx of milder air—first of Pacific origin, then from mid-week forward featuring incoming Gulf moisture on strong “SSW” winds Wednesday into Thursday, is to bring to an end what will by Wednesday have been a 17-day run of little or no precipitation here.

A cooler/colder more unsettled run of weather with some active spring storm systems appear likely to follow this week’s warm spell.

We have a weakening La Nina running in the equatorial Pacific and central U.S. springs have been known to be active weather producers in similar periods in the past.

And a reminder, Daylight Savings Time returns at 2 a.m. CDT this coming Sunday morning. Now there’s a sign spring is here!

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