A few strong storms still possible, but activity beginning to wane.


Radar trends have displayed a general weakening of thunderstorms coverage and organization. However, stronger cells are still capable of producing damaging wind gusts and perhaps a brief tornado.

Graphic and discussion concerning tornado watch #73.
  SUMMARY...Localized severe threat continues across eastern portions
   of ww73. However, if current trends continue ww may be canceled

   DISCUSSION...Earlier convection that developed along the eastern
   plume of steeper low-level lapse rates has progressed away from
   higher instability and lost updraft intensity. Lightning trends are
   notably down over the last hour and this is likely due to convection
   beginning to entrain poorer quality inflow. While strong shear
   remains supportive of organized convection, in the absence of robust
   updrafts the overall severe threat appears to be waning somewhat.
   Even so, a tornado can not be ruled out if new updrafts are able to


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