A dramatic shift in Chicago’s weather is on the way.

We’ll be moving away from the wet, colder than normal pattern which has dominated so much of Spring 2022.

A formidable early summer-level dome of warm/hot air will move over the central U.S. next week.

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It’s a change which in practical terms will take us from Friday’s windy, wet March-level temp regime to unseasonable July-level warmth next week.

Temps next week are to average more 24-degrees warmer than this week with daytime highs expected to include a Tuesday high temp nearing 90-deg.

Not only are we headed for a set of days at or above 80-deg for the first time this year, but there’s likely to be a dramatic reduction in precipitation. This will be a welcome break from the wet spell which has seen rain fall 44 of the past 67 days (since March 1). That means it’s rain 66% of climatological spring days in Chicago. Add to that it’s been the cloudiest open to a May since sunshine records began here in 1893 and you can see why we’re ready for a break.

Full forecast details and more at the WGN Weather Center blog

Cooler near the lake

Anyone who’s lived here in Chicago knows the role Lake Michigan’s chill plays moving deep into spring here. There are indications the southerly winds Monday and Tuesday may take on an easterly component Wednesday and Thursday, which would bring air off the chilly lake waters into shoreline areas. While the overall air mass remains warm with uninterrupted warmth likely in areas away from the lake, Wednesday and Thursday could see cooling near the lake on those days. I’ll keep you posted on those developments. But indications are winds may blow again from the south reducing any lake cooling and returning unseasonable warmth to lakeshore areas late next week into the following weekend.