80 degree highs and subzero lows in March


Dear Tom
March in Chicago is a transition month weather wise. Have there been more 80 degree highs or subzero lows?
Pat Byrne Hoffman Estates
Dear Pat,
March’s temperature extremes span 100 degrees, the most of any month ranging from 88 on March 29, 1986 to minus 12 on March 4, 1873. Warmth rules, but just barely. Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski crunched the numbers and found that since 1871 Chicago Marches have produced 19 days of 80 or higher and 17 days with subzero lows, including last year’s low of minus 3-degrees on March 4. Both extremes are March rarities and the warm-day count has been skewed by one incredible month, March 2012, when the city logged a record eight 80-degree days, blowing away the old record of two days in 1986. The city’s last March 80 was in 2017 with an 82-degree high on March 24. The most subzero days in any March is three, logged in 1943.


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