7-Day Forecast: Warmest weather in 2 weeks coming, hazy skies return as western smoke moves in


CHICAGO — Temperatures will be clear and cool Thursday night with lows of 52 degrees dipping into the 40s well inland, but things turn sunny and warmer with a high of 81 degrees Friday.

We’ll also soon welcome back the hazy skies with which we’ve become so familiar in recent months, as temperatures rise to the warmest levels in two weeks. 

Fires continue to burn in the west, belching smoke high into the atmosphere which is riding upper winds toward Chicago.  

Modeling suggests smoke will begin to spread aloft into Chicago’s airspace late Thursday night into Friday, resulting in colorful sunrises and sunsets here.  

Upper winds and streamlines at 18,000 ft. Friday afternoon at 1pm CDT Friday

But as that’s happening, we’re going to get warm as well.  High temperatures Friday will warm to 80 degrees, potentially rising to 15 degrees or more above normal. 

The typical high on October 9 is 65 degrees, while a high of 80 degrees would put us at levels more typically found in early September. 

And we won’t be alone, as 80 percent of the Lower 48 states will bask in warm Friday temperatures of 70 degrees or warmer. That includes 40 percent of people in the U.S., who will see temperatures surge to 80 degrees or higher.  Not bad this late in the season!

Temperatures stay warm Saturday and Sunday with a high of 78 degrees, but fall back to the 60s in lakeshore areas. Things should remain mild for the season Monday into the start of the week as well.

More than 80% of the country will see high temps Friday at or above 70-deg.


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