WAUKEGAN, Ill. — Authorities in Waukegan have ended their search for missing sailor Seamus Gray almost a week after he failed to return to his naval base in North Chicago.

Police say they could resume their search efforts if they receive any new and credible leads on Gray’s whereabouts.

The news comes after search crews were joined by more than 100 sailors on Friday.

Surveillance videos show Seamus Gray along the water’s edge leading search crews to look near the Marina harbor. They focused their efforts near Foss Park in North Chicago Friday.

Waukegan police said they would continue the search farther south near the Great Lakes area.

Seamus Gray, 21, was reported missing from Ibiza bar on North Genessee Street in Downtown Waukegan Friday night. Police say Gray and his friends were escorted out of the bar around 1:30 a.m. because they were intoxicated.

Minutes later he was shown walking alone near Sheridan Road and Washington Street. Video then captured Gray walking along the Marina Harbor near the Metra station. Detectives said Gray did not report to the naval base before his 2 a.m. curfew.

Search crews have spent the past week searching for Gray by air, water and by the lake using sonar technology. Police also say they are no longer detecting activity on his cell phone.

Waukegan Deputy Chief Brian Mullen spoke Thursday on why authorities focused their attention near the lakefront.

“The area on land that we searched today was extended all the way up to Greenwood Avenue and all the way down to the southern border of Waukegan on the lakefront,” Mullen said. “Tomorrow, we’re going to move a little bit more south toward North Chicago. Obviously, the Navy base is in that direction, so we want to try to cover some ground between here and the Navy base in case he tried to head in that direction on foot.” 

Police described Gray as 6-foot-3-inches, weighing around 170 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing a light pink/red long-sleeve shirt and pants. Gray also has multiple tattoos on his left arm and a script tattoo on his ribcage.

“There are three things my son lives for: he lives for his family, he lives for God, and he lives for his country,” Karry Gray said. “He came here to fight for his country and now he is missing.”

Anyone with information on Gray’s whereabouts is asked to call Waukegan Police Investigations Division at 847-599-2673. Callers can also leave an anonymous tip by calling 847-360-9001, texting WPDTIP and a message to 847411, or clicking here or here.