—Snow showers revisit the area in a moderately colder flow around the back end of the big winter storm behind Tuesday’s downstate and Southern severe weather outbreak and the huge snows on its cold back side

—The weather in Chicago is to take on a colder feel amid stronger WSW winds in coming days.  But while chillier than of late, it’s January and these temps aren’t even close to the level of cold we so frequently see at this time of year.  Also, the presence of clouds is to limit nighttime cooling. So while daytime temps will be MODESTLY ABOVE NORMAL for the season, nighttime readings will be MUCH ABOVE NORMAL. Average the two and you end up with above normal daytime temps.

—The ABOVE NORMAL overall temp regime appears locked in through mid-month. Last week averaged 4-deg abovr normal. Even with the chill of coming days factored, this week is likely to come in nearly 9-deg above normal and next week is predicted to average 6-deg above normal.

—We’re in a snow drought in Chicago—despite the snow showers which will visit the area in the next day. Season to date snowfall is only 4.3″ at O’Hare—a far cry from the 10.5″ considered normal up to this point of the season. That puts the 2022-23 snow season’s tally to date at only 41% normal.

—A pause in precip is predicted Friday—but models continue their varied handling of a Friday night/Saturday disturbance—an offshoot of the atmospheric river drenching California. We maintain modest snow chances during that period for at least a portion of the area and will continue to monitor. There is certainly nothing carved in stone yet with this system.

—We logged the 5th of the past 11 days to record NO sun today (Wed)–and our January % of possible sun is an abysmal 4%.


TONIGHT, and THURSDAY: Cloudy, a bit breezy and modestly colder with flurries building at times to snow showers. Though chilly feeling, temps are still to run ABOVE NORMAL for the season. Low tonight 31. High Thursday 34.

THURSDAY NIGHT: Cloudy, flurries and snow showers diminish slowly. Still chilly and breezy. Low 27.

FRIDAY: A good deal of cloudiness thought breaks for some mixed sun are possible. High 34.

SATURDAY: Cloudy and breezy. Chance of some snow. High 35.

SUNDAY and MONDAY: The clouds linger. Some chance for breaks allowing at least mixed sun—primarily Monday.  Little temp change. High Sunday 36. Monday’s high 38.

TUESDAY: Partly cloudy, temps similar to recent days. High 37.

WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy. High 35.