That was the McCabe Family on ABC’s “The Great Halloween Fright Fight”. What began as a Halloween family tradition has evolved into a YouTube empire. Plus they just won $50 thousand dollars for winning on the show! The family joined Spotlight Chicago in studio with all the details on their real-life haunted house.

Lehman Manor in West Chicago

Oct. 27 6pm – 10pm (Scare Only)
Oct. 28 2pm – 5pm (No Scare) 6pm – 10pm (Scare)
Oct. 29 2pm – 5pm (No Scare) 6pm – 9pm (Scare)
Oct. 30 6pm – 9pm (Scare Only)
Oct. 31 3pm – 5pm (No Scare) 6pm – 9pm (Scare)

Facebook: Lehman Manor

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