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Yadier MolinaThe Cubs watched Yadier Molina beat them again last night on a go-ahead 2-run homer off Edwin Jackson.  The pitch wasn’t bad — it was a low-and-in sinking fastball that Molina got the bat head on and smoked over the left field wall.

But right now, he can do no wrong.  I’m a numbers guy, but I don’t even want to calculate the exact amount of game-winning or game-tying hits Molina has come up with against the Cubs over the years.  After awhile it gets depressing to think about.

It’s weird because once Albert Pujols left the league, you kinda felt like this offense would be easier to face.  That there wasn’t one guy you had to avoid in big spots.

But as you look at this current lineup, they have several guys who worry you — Beltran, Holliday, Molina, Craig, Freese, Carpenter.  It’s just unrelenting.

If not for a few bullpen hiccups, the Cardinals would be running away with the Central right now.  They have a great offense, an elite starting staff and a defense that doesn’t commit many errors.

To this, I have two words to say — enough already!



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