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CHICAGO — The Chicago White Sox celebrated the past while focusing on the future Monday.

Baseball great Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier 72 years ago and as the team honored his memory, an aspiring young player of baseball and music wowed the crowd at Guaranteed Rate Field.

Lance Moon, 12, juggles his love of music with his love of baseball. The sixth grader lives in the city’s Roseland neighborhood and plays on the White Sox Charities-supported ACE travel team, which is designed to promote youth baseball participation among African-American kids.

He performed the National Anthem on his violin as part of Jackie Robinson Day.

“I’ve never performed in front of thousands of people like that,” he said.

Note after note Lance delivered on his performance and received high praise from fans and Sox coaches alike.

Lance is also hearing impaired and wears hearing aids in both ears, which he has only used as motivation to play an instrument and sports.

“What would I would say to kids who want to achieve things: it doesn’t really matter what you’re not capable of,” he said. “I have hearing aids but it doesn’t stop me.”

Lance has played with YoYo Ma, and when he grows up I want to play Major League Baseball. If that doesn’t work out, he said he wants to be an engineer of some sort, all while playing his beloved violin.