CHICAGO — About the only thing left for the White Sox to fight for when it comes to their record is to avoid infamy.

Thanks to a struggling September, it’s a very real possibility that the team could pull off a rare feat in team history for the wrong reasons.

With 15 games remaining, the White Sox have 91 losses, which puts them in danger of reaching 100 in a season. That’s something that’s rarely happened in the 123 seasons that the club has been playing in Major League Baseball.

In fact, there are only four times in team history when they’ve reached triple-digits in losses. What hurts White Sox fans is that one of those seasons came as the front office was trying to construct the team that’s currently in place.

In 2018, the White Sox lost the final five games of their season to finish 62-100 in what was then general manager Rick Hahn’s second year of the rebuild. While that led to a playoff appearance in 2020 and an AL Central title in 2021, the team has come well short of reaching its potential.

The 1932 (102), 1948 (101), and 1970 (106) teams also had triple-digits in losses in a season, with the 1934 and 2013 squads just missing the dubious mark with 99 defeats.

Here is the schedule for the White Sox as they hope to avoid reaching 100 losses in 2023.

  • Friday-Sunday – 3 games vs. Twins (77-70)
  • Monday-Wednesday – 3 games at Nationals (65-82)
  • Sept. 22-24 – 3 games at Red Sox (74-73)
  • Sept. 25-27 – 3 games vs. Diamondbacks (76-72)
  • Sept. 29-Oct. 1 – 3 games vs. Padres (69-78)