White Sox raise over $60K during annual garage sale for charity

White Sox
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CHICAGO — White Sox fans got a chance to go home with a piece of baseball history on Saturday after the team hosted its annual garage sale for charity.

The team raised over $60,000 Saturday to support the White Sox Charities mission.

Sarah LaPorta, with the Sox Charities, said the team gives back to the community through grants to pediatric cancer research, children and family crisis, youth baseball and others.

For decades now, twice a year, the Sox open up to their fans and sell caps, cleats, jerseys and more.

Tim Burns, a Sox fan from Munster, said if you hunt, you can find some really cool stuff. He found an Albert Pujols bat that was used by Yoan Moncada.

“There’s these authenticity things, and my son checked it out and it was used against the Dodgers series,” he said. “It’s kind of a cool item to find.”

Samantha Williams, a young Sox fan, first came to the garage sale when she was barely out of diapers. Nowadays, she still makes her way to the sale with her dad.

“I like seeing the cool things. Like the cracked bats and stuff. I think they’re nice,” she said.

The sale is a treasure hunt for fans, and Josh Mielcarek found a treasure from Comiskey Park — a used seat on sale for $50.

“My first career game as a child — 5-year-old — at Comiskey Park in 1990, so to have a piece of this, kind of connects me to that first game,” he said.

Old fans and new fans found more than memories at the annual sale.

Kaylee Latham and her dad went home with a catching set for $90. He said while they were spending a lot of cash, the event was for charity, which is always a good thing.


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