CHICAGO – Before Dylan Cease was snubbed from the All-Star Game, the Sox ace sat down with Josh Frydman to discuss a variety of topics, including his love for the midsummer classic.

“I have a twin brother, we watched every All-Star Game, religiously,” explained Cease. “I don’t think about it too much because a lot of it is out of my control. I find the more I stay focused on my daily process, the better chance I have of making it anyway.”

Despite the slight, Cease still has chance to pitch in L.A. if any of the reserves back out. He definitely is worthy of a spot considering he ranks third in strikeouts with 133 and eighth-best 2.45 ERA.

Cease credits his off-speed command as one of the main reasons for his successful start, specifically his slider, which he wrote a poem about while listening to piano music in the shower.

You can hear more about that and why every strikeout he records is helping the environment in the full one-on-one interview.