Tim Anderson delivers the ‘Field of Dreams’ game’s defining moment

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DYERSVILLE, Iowa – It’s fitting that the star of a game that was so focused on the past would feature one of baseball’s rising stars in the present making a memory that will live on in the future.

Tim Anderson made the ending of this “Field of Dreams” game his own, and showed fans where the game is going with one memorable swing of the bat.

The shortstop completed a night that started with the pomp and circumstance expected from the game that put the spotlight on the 1989 movie with the same name in dramatic fashion. The White Sox came through the corn and onto the field to face the Yankees Thursday with a national spotlight on them and ended when Anderson put a ball right back into the crops a few hours later.

He needed just one pitch to get it done, as the 2019 American League batting champion took Zack Britton’s pitcher over the wall in right to give the White Sox a 9-8 victory. It’s the 68th win of the White Sox season and the 13th home run of Anderson’s 2021 season, but this one was special.

“It was a pretty cool moment all around. Being able to walk it off is definitely one of the best moments of my career for sure,” said Anderson of the home run and the night in general.

What also made it so was the reaction after the hit itself, which will live on just as much as the blast. The enthusiastic Anderson joyfully made his way around the bases, then eventually joining his jubilant teammates at home plate, where he was greeted by hugs and plenty of beverages.

Fireworks blasted high above in the outfield as the sizable White Sox contingent of fans roared their approval towards Anderson and the rest of the club.

“It was so cool, man. Seeing the fans yell, seeing my teammates excited for me. I was telling everybody ‘Let’s go home, we got the win.'” said Anderson. “That what’s we came to do, and we finished the game for sure.”

They couldn’t have picked a better time to do so, for all eyes were on him and the White Sox when facing the Yankees Thursday.

Fox Sports said the “Field of Dreams” game was the most-streamed regular season contest in their network’s history and the most-watched regular season game in the MLB since 2005. Coincidentally, that’s the last time the White Sox were World Series champions, and they showed the national audience why they will be in contention again for the next few months.

It was also a showcase for Anderson, a 2021 All-Star who has great prowess at plate and energy that’s helped to trigger a new era of the franchise. Thursday boosted his average to .300 on the season with the two runs driven in on his 13th homer bringing him up to 47 on the season.

Anderson said before the contest that he’s never seen the “Field of Dreams” movie, but he did plenty to bring a little “Hollywood” back to Dyersville on Thursday.

“I might. I don’t know,” said Anderson when asked if he’d watch the movie now. “But I gave everybody a memory tonight. Just to come here and leave a mark is definitely a great accomplishment for me and I’m thankful for that moment for sure.”

A moment that he made all his own.

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