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CHICAGO – Tim Anderson has a lot on his mind.

He just became a dad again. He leads the American League in batting average.

But a day after hitting his first grand slam, his focus is on the future remembering the past.

The Sox shortstop invited more than 75 kids to a special screening of the film “42″ to celebrate Jackie Robinson Day.

His hope – to give the next generation a glimpse into the sacrifices Robinson made breaking the color barrier.

“Let them see what went on. Hopefully, they can get it and embrace it.”

Anderson wrote a personal thank you to Robinson for paving the way for guys like him.

It happened 72 years ago, but he still thinks about Robinson on a daily basis.

“All the time. He’s the reason I’m on the field. I go out and try to play like him and try to do some of the things he did. He’s such an amazing guy and a strong guy for some of the things he went through. It makes you put life in perspective, so I just enjoy the moment.”

Events like these give Anderson a chance to connect with the community he plays for.

“All the work I do in the community is basically on the South Side, helping the less fortunate. Most of those kids are black. By me being a great example, a role model for them, being successful the way that I am and being the same color – I think it gives them hope.

“I’m reaching out to these kids and touching them, trying to change lives.”