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CHICAGO – White Sox manager Tony La Russa is waiting to find out if Chicago wants him back after the club was eliminated by the Astros in their AL Division Series that ended Tuesday night.

The Hall of Famer was lured out of retirement to help the star-studded White Sox make a deep postseason run. Instead, they never got the pitching and only occasionally got the hitting that carried them to their first division championship in 13 years.

There were big questions about how the old-school, three-time World Series champion would relate to Chicago’s fun-loving young stars like Tim Anderson after a decade away from the dugout.

It wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. And it’s not clear if La Russa will return next season.

“I’m not gonna talk about myself,” he said Tuesday. “The process I’ve used once I had a little security — probably about the fifth or sixth year — is ‘do they want you back?’ I just leave if they don’t want you back. They say yes, then you ask the players. They should choose who they want to manage. If you get both of those, then you check yourself.”

Game 4 starter Carlos Rodón called him a “very special manager.”

“It was just a pleasure to play for him. Not many guys can say they’ve played for a Hall of Fame manager,” he said.