Hawl In’s “Meet The Fan”: Adam Eaton’s walk-off gift to a fan

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Tommy Marren of Indianapolis shows off his Adam Eaton jersey he got from the White Sox outfielder on June 13th.

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CHICAGO – It has a good look to it but on a warm summer night, it’s not always the best choice to wear.

Don’t forget that dark-colored jerseys tend to absorb heat. A black jersey will certainly do that, even during a game where the sun is only out for a couple of innings.

Even with temperatures in the 80’s on Monday the White Sox made that choice of jersey on Monday as they started a three-game series with the Tigers. For figurative reasons the jerseys fit perfectly for a team that in one month went from 13 games over .500 to a game under and in 4th in the AL Central.

Then they seemed to make perfect sense when James Shields was rocked for six earned runs and then the Tigers added another to make it 7-0. Yet it wouldn’t be for a few hours before having the darker jerseys would actually come in handy for a player.

A gutsy comeback helped the White Sox erase a seven-run deficit and tied the game in the ninth. The scoreless drought stretched into the 12th before Adam Eaton cracked a single to center that brought in J.B. Shuck for the tenth and final run of the night.

In traditional form the players rushed Eaton around 2nd base and piled on in celebration of the victory. Where it became unconventional is when a player decided to ditch the Gatorade bucket full of water and just bring out the sports drink in a one-gallon bottle.

Oh, and it was fruit punch. It could have made for an ugly sight with the white pinstriped jersey but luckily for Eaton, he was wearing the black jersey so no one knew any different. Still, it was a little uncomfortable, so right after the celebration he ditched the jersey and did an interview with the WGN-TV broadcast crew.

Adam Eaton

So what happened to the jersey? One might suppose it was sent off to be cleaned immediately because, even if you can’t see the Gatorade, you could certainly could feel it or smell it.

But after one of the best moments in a frustrating time for the team, Eaton made a gesture that would make the night even better.

Tommy With Eaton Jersey

Eaton gave his jersey to Tommy Marren, a four-year old White Sox fan from Indianapolis. His father, Dave Marren, brought him down in the concourse behind home plate to watch the 12th inning.

He said that Tommy ran down towards the net behind homeplate towards the White Sox dugout after the victory. When the celebration ended, Tommy made his way towards the White Sox on deck circle where the net comes to an end.

Standing at the rail Eaton noticed Tommy, walked up to the rail and handed him the jersey.

Tommy Adam Eaton Jersey

Here’s Tommy showing off his jersey that Eaton wore during his game-winning hit. You don’t see this happen a lot in baseball but it did on Monday night.

Eaton walked off with a win and a young fan walked off with his jersey.


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