CHICAGO — It’s a documentary featuring one of the most famous families in baseball with plenty of history in Chicago – but it’s hardly just about the game.

That’s because “The Saint of Second Chances” on Netflix deals with the son of a famous figure in the history of the game getting another shot in the game, giving that to others, while also connecting with his family through the love of baseball.

Mike Veeck’s journey in building the St. Paul Saints independent league team into a must-see squad is chronicled in this documentary directed by Morgan Neville and Jeff Malmberg.

Set up like innings of a baseball game, viewers get the chance to see how the son of Bill Veeck, the Baseball Hall of Famer who was twice an owner of the White Sox, found his own way to be a master baseball showman.

At the same time, it showed how he along with his wife Libby, son Night Train, and daughter Rebecca navigated this time. Mike would even get his show to return to baseball, but he would instead switch his focus to family, especially Rebecca, who was losing her sight at a young age.

She would die of Batten disease in 2019, but not before Veeck would do everything he could to enrich her life, and she did the same for him.

So how has this documentary affected the Veeck family?

WGN News Now spoke to Night Train Veeck about it and you can watch his interview with Larry Hawley in the video above.