Ultra marathoner attempts to run 100 miles in 20 hours


CHICAGO – Cheyne Adam wants to find out what his body is capable of.

“I always thought maybe the 50-mile mark would be my limit. That would be it. I’d drop at the end. Fortunately, I haven’t. I want to find that point where my body is eventually just giving up.”

Adam hopes his body will last the 100 miles in 20 hours he’ll attempt to run Saturday in northern Michigan during his first ultra marathon of that length.

“Starting slow is going to be the key. No going out to fast, so that my legs can make to mile 100.”

Adam usually runs four 50-mile Ultras a year. But with his race schedule upended by COVID cancellations, he’s used this unusual time to veer off his traditional course.

“What COVID has allowed for me is more time to actually train. With working from home, that excuse of being in the office all day, every day is now gone.”

The fitness fiend teaches group workouts, as well. A trendy option to stay fit that’s also had to adapt to more virtual classes and 10 person capacity limits in studio.

“It’s handicapping some people and it’s also giving other people that opportunity to find out what they can do for themselves. Grab a mat. Grab a dumbbell. Grab a jump rope. Go run. Go play tennis. There’s always a way to move.

Adam actually hated running in high school and wasn’t until leaving for Colorado post undergrad that he started to fall in love with the sport.

His advice to those that find even one mile daunting is simple.

“Your body is designed to run. It’s not designed to crawl. Running is more natural than crawling. That’s why you start crawling and then you stand up and you move and you run.

“Nothing is going to change your body more quickly and more naturally than running.”

A labor of love on this labor day weekend.


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