‘The Players Trunk’ gives former college athletes the chance to sell their old gear for money


CHICAGO – One thing that college athletes get while at school is a number of items to wear both on and off the field.

From T-Shirts to sweatpants to cleats and gloves, they can pile up over the course of a four or even five-year career. Former St. Rita High School and Michigan standout Charles Matthews was one of those and was looking for a way to sell it off.

Thanks to inspiration from others, including former Wolverines manager Jason Lansing, “The Players Trunk” was born. It allows former athletes to sell some of the gear they have lying around to make a little money as they venture into their post-college lives.

Josh Frydman caught up with both Matthews and Lansing to talk about the site, and you can see that story in the video above.

To learn more about “The Players Trunk,” click here.


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