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Bears legendary quarterback Jim McMahon talked with WGN’s Jarrett Payton ahead of Sunday’s big game.

The two touched on his relationship with Andy Reid stemming from his playing days at BYU to Mitch Trubisky and his tenure in Chicago.

“He’s still pretty young. He’s going to get better, ” he said.  “(But) you should have a good idea before you get the snap who you’re going to throw it to by the way they’re lined up. You don’t pass up open people. The first guy open is going to get the ball, that was always my opinion. You can’t sit back there and hold on to the football. You make a quick decision and get rid of the football. But it looked to me like he was just waiting for things to develop rather than getting rid of the ball. He’ll learn that.  It takes time. … He’s got a lot of games to play before he gets comfortable.” 

McMahon also talked about the ’85 Bears and how to this day, he has fans express their love for that particular team.

“I think everybody just kind of enjoyed our attitude and the way we went about our daily routine,” he said.  “Game time was always fun. Not only were we good, we had a lot of fun.”

McMahon recounted his own time at the Super Bowl and how it wasn’t all good times.

“I was getting death threats.”

He said a reporter quoted him as calling the women of New Orleans vulgar names and the men “stupid.”

“Where they got that, I have no idea,” he said. “I was getting death threats for three days. I thought I was going to get shot. I don’t really remember anything about the game. I just wanted to get off the field and get out of town.”