The Eagles' "Tush Push" has become an unstoppable short-yardage play. But the nickname for Jalen Hurts's quarterback sneak with a helpful nudge from behind him is probably a bit too cute, even if accurate.

So Philadelphia fans took it upon themselves to give the play a better name. A clever new nickname is catching fire on social media, surely because it has some local flavor. 

"Brotherly Shove" is overtaking "Tush Push" in popularity among Eagles fans. Once the new name is mentioned on a broadcast, it will likely become all but official. 

There has been a movement throughout the NFL to ban the "Tush Push" play, though plenty of other teams are attempting to copy it. But with a better nickname like "Brotherly Shove," legislating the Eagles's unrelenting short-yardage rush out of the game may be impossible.