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CHICAGO – As of Monday, there will be three members of Chicago’s baseball teams that will be making their way to Los Angeles for the “Midsummer Classic.”

Willson Contreras and Ian Happ of the Cubs along with Tim Anderson of the White Sox will take part in the MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday, July 19th at Dodger Stadium. A few players could be added for substitutes, so there could be more Chicago players making their way to Hollywood.

On Monday, the league revealed the jerseys that those players will wear when they take the field during the contest.

The league revealed the jersey design for the game at Dodger Stadium, with the home National League wearing white jerseys with gold logos and numbers with the American League doing the same with a grey jersey.

In a news release from Nike, the company said the decision to put the logo, number, and name in gold was done to represent the “gold sheen of Hollywood award shows.” Making that unique to Los Angeles is done in the spirit of the City Connect jerseys, which clubs have been revealing since 2021 to represent their city.

Like the 2021 MLB All-Star Game, the teams will don these jerseys during the game, which is a change that’s now in its second season for the “Midsummer Classic.” Previously, teams would wear special jerseys for workout day and then their own team jerseys during the actual All-Star Game.

In late June, New Era released the design of the hats that the players will wear during the game. Like the jerseys, gold is featured prominently on the black hat.