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Walter Payton crossed paths with plenty of provocative personalities, but Steve McMichael may take the cake. The man known as “Mongo” is living proof that everything really is bigger in Texas. His hands are huge. His stories are loud. And although his tales might seem tall, they are as heartfelt as they come.

Mongo and Payton had a mutual respect for one another’s toughness. Payton missed just one game in his 13-year career, but McMichael played more consecutive games in Bears uniform than anyone in franchise history — 191 to be exact. He is the perfect person to put Payton’s longevity, tenacity and passion in perspective. He does just that in the first episode of “Savoring Sweetness,” touching on Walter’s warm welcome to the team, his explosive hijinks on the practice field and what made him the greatest running back of all-time – all while being simply “a good guy.”

“Not too many people live up to the standard of what humanity should be about and your daddy did it.”

Listen to McMichael’s in-depth conversation with Jarrett Payton, who once called Mongo “coach” in his playing days.