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Name a better defense than the 1985 Chicago Bears. Pro bowlers at every level, back-to-back shutouts to start the playoffs and a historic Super Bowl smackdown of the New England Patriots Add in a Hollywood-like cast of characters ranging from Da Coach to The Fridge and you could tell stories all day.

Dan Hampton has one in particular at the top of his list.

“I’ve got a little girl. She’s four years old. Ten years from now, when she asks me about the Chicago Bears, I’ll tell her about a championship. I’ll tell her about great teams and great teammates and great coaches and how great it was to be a part of it. But, the first thing I tell her about is Walter Payton.”

Hampton got choked up delivering the emotionally-charged speech to the crowd at Sweetness’ Soldier Field memorial after he died. He spoke about Payton again the day he got his Gold Jacket at his Hall of Fame enshrinement.

“I got to play nine years with Walter Payton. Man, it wasn’t because Walter was the biggest or the strongest or the fastest that’s all-time NFL leader in yardage but it’s because he had the biggest heart. Now, I’m not saying he wasn’t a great athlete – I watched Walter a long time. I got to see him play tennis by himself once, and that’s pretty impressive if you think about it. But, my God, how lucky was I to be a part of his career and his life. ”

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