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For baseball fans, Spring is the season of hope. It’s time for a fresh start.  And it isn’t just for the young.

Many of us develop a love of the game as a kid, and for some, it never leaves.

That’s why the Men’s Senior Baseball League hits home.

It’s the love of the game that has these members of the MSBL returning to the field year after year. Some have been playing with the league for decades. But first, they have to try out for a team and get drafted.

Steve Sigler founded the League in 1986 and has since become the pied piper of men`s senior baseball, along with his son Brian who helps run the operation.

“I was the right person at the right time,” Steve says.  “My question was ‘Why does a man 30-years-old and older or 40-years-old and older have to quit playing baseball?’”

They don’t.

Right now, there are more than 45,000 registered players taking fields across the United States. Many members plan their lives around the season, coordinate vacations, surgeries and other life events around their baseball schedule.  Games are also played abroad, even as far away as Australia.

All it takes is some dedication and effort to make a team. The camaraderie comes naturally.

WGN’s Rich King spent some time with the players and has more.