Lauren Huber completes grueling six-sport season at Glenbard East


LOMBARD, Ill. – Lauren Huber’s 2020 got off track when the IHSA canceled spring sports due to the pandemic.

“It was pretty disappointing since my sister and I had been training the whole year to get ready for the season. We tried to stay creative and hosted our own little state meet, just us and some of our cousins. Tried to keep something going, but it still wasn’t the team atmosphere.”

The Glenbard East star kept the creative juices flowing heading into her senior year, deciding to make up for lost time and do it all.

Instead of just competing in volleyball, basketball and track & field as she had in the past – Huber added softball, tennis and bowling to the mix to become a six-sport athlete with one of the most ambitious schedules of any high schooler in the state.

“She said, ‘I just wanna try it. Can I try it?'” explained Glenbard East girls track & field coach Molly Gstalter. “Of course. If there’s anybody that can do it, it would be you. Just don’t get hurt. That’s what I told her this whole year. Please just don’t get hurt. She’s ready for anything she can take on any workout. Thankfully she’s done an awesome job managing her time and managing her workouts.

“I would always pick a track meet because there’s only six or so. A softball game would trump a track practice,” noted Huber.

“Lauren handled it herself. She had a cute little color-coded schedule to match all the end of the year senior items plus all of her different workouts,” Gstalter remarked.

“Oh, I slept like a rock.”

Huber credits her success to all the support she’s had from her friends, coaches and family because with time management comes multi-tasking – like switching gear in the car while her mom took her from sport to sport.

“I couldn’t change if she wasn’t driving. That’s very helpful. Especially, with all the senior award ceremonies. I had to change into a dress and do my hair so I could show up and pop out of the car.”

She’s had a lot of awards to collect after eclipsing the 1,000 point barrier in basketball, helping lead the Rams track team to their first outdoor conference championship in school history and achieving a 5.5 GPA while taking four AP courses to cap off an unforgettable season.

“I have so many memories with Lauren,” said Gstalter. “She missed qualifying in the 300 meter hurdles because a girl impeded in her lane and fell down. So, [Lauren] has the option to rerun the race. Any other kid would be like, ‘I already qualified in the 800. I’m exhausted. I’ve already maxed my body out today.’ I look at her and in my head I’m going, ‘Please say you don’t want to rerun it. Please. I just don’t want you to get hurt. Tell me you don’t want to rerun it.’ She’s like, ‘Can I do it? Can I do it? Please. Please. Please.’ My hearts like, ‘Yes, of course. If anybody can do it, Lauren can do it. Let her do it.’ All of these coaches are like, ‘What are you doing? She could get hurt.’ She wants to do it. It’s her life. It’s her experience. Let her go for it. She got to run the 300 meter hurdle race at the end of sectionals with all the lights on and all these other teams cheering for her. The Fenton girls are like, ‘Go Lauren. Go Lauren.’ They started a little chant. That memory I’ll never forget because it just embodies who she is, who Lauren Huber is, just going for it.”

“It taught me – take every opportunity you can, you can’t plan everything and that you can accomplish a lot when you work together.”

Huber finished third in the 800 meter at the state track meet with a time of 2:12.98 in 93 degree heat.

Next stop for Lauren? Illinois Wesleyan, where she’ll play basketball for the Titans.

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