Jerry Reinsdorf gives Lucas Giolito, James McCann no-hitter diamond rings


CHICAGO – White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf likes to commemorate his players’ historic feats.

He gave Mark Buehrle a suped-up ATV and Ron Kittle commissioned artwork for his perfect game.

For Lucas Giolito’s no-hitter, he had two personalized rings made – one for Gio and one for the man who caught him, James McCann.

“Extremely classy move by Jerry,” remarked Giolito. “I put that thing on as soon as I got it. Fits like a glove.”

The thirteen diamonds surrounding the “27” are symbolic – one for each strikeout Giolito threw against the Pirates on August 25th.

“It’s definitely going to be a cherished possession of mine forever. I’ll be passing it down to my kids and so on and so forth. Just a testament to Jerry’s character. He takes care of us. He cares about us. It was a really nice gift to receive, for sure. “

Giolito would love to have another ring by the end of the postseason. He makes his first playoff start Tuesday against the A’s.

But Gio won’t be wearing his new bling.

“We’re not allowed to have anything. I got in trouble because I have this little rubber wedding band. MLB got mad at me for even having that on my glove hand. Nothing allowed. Nothing on the hands or arms.”


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