Isolation Inspired: A gym teacher puts on a trick shot clinic


Phil Tamulis pulls off trick shots for an Instagram video on March 23rd. (Courtesy: Instagram/@FillupTee27

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CHICAGO – In yesterday’s “Isolation Inspired,” we showed a video of Joe Buck’s play-by-play of his family’s activities at home since there are no other sports going on at the moment.

At the same time, the Fox Sports announcer said that he would narrate highlights of some highlights that people would have in their own homes.

That gave some “Isolation Inspiration” to a Lake Zurich man, and he did his best to create a video worthy of a call.

Phil Tamulis, a physical education and health teacher Schaumburg posted this video of a collection of trick shots in his house on Twitter late Monday night. He bounced the ball off walls and doors into the hoop and even took a shot with his feet.

He ended the video by knocking a ball into a coffee cup with a golf club.

“To help stay positive during these uncertain times my wife films me attempting these shots while my daughter either cheers me on or ignores me completely,” said Tamulis on Twitter about why he made the video. “I’m planning on sharing my highlights with my students to show that you can still be active even though we’re all at home.”

Adam Hoge of WGN Radio and NBC Sports Chicago did get his indoor highlight called by Buck this week.

This video shows his son making a hoop and then Adam rejects the next one off his head. Buck had fun with the call, as you can see in the video above.

Lolo Jones was one of those Olympic athletes that got the official news that this year’s summer games in Tokyo were backed up till 2021. But the hurdler wasn’t about to let it take away her sense of humor, as she put up this video of her breakfast that, as she put it, featured “No box of Wheaties for me today.”

Instead of cereal, a bunch of candy poured into the bowl.


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