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CHICAGO – The leadoff position has been one of concern for the Cubs since Dexter Fowler left following the 2016 season.

Kyle Schwarber started in that spot to start the 2017 campaign, but his ineffectiveness in the position led to a carousel of players hitting first in the lineup the entire season.

This spring it was Ian Happ who won the role, hitting .321 and bashing seven homers during Spring Training. Hopes were high that the outfielder would bring stability to the position, but no one would have seen the start he had to 2018 on Thursday.

Not even Michael Cerami, a writer for Bleacher Nation, who sent out a what seemed like a fun tweet about ten minutes before the Cubs opener in Miami.

Welp, about ten minutes later and one pitch into the season, Cerami was quickly regretting the Tweet.

Happ’s leadoff homer put the Cubs up 1-0 – and put Cerami into a bad spot.

But the writer stayed true to his word, and around 12:45 PM made his way over to Lake Michigan to jump in.

Cerami has been writing for Bleacher Nation for a few years and is a frequent guest on CLTV Sports Feed.