Homewood-Flossmoor track coach teaches Bears RB David Montgomery how to run


BURR RIDGE, Ill. – It was Al Davis who famously said, “You can’t teach speed.”

“I would disagree with that strongly,” says sprint guru Chris Korfist.

Korfist has been teaching athletes to run faster for decades. The assistant track coach at Homewood-Flossmoor High School started the Slow Guy Speed School in 2004.

“The name comes from fast people don’t want to pay money to get faster.”

Instead of fancy facilities, Korfist uses his driveway and basement gym filled with customized equipment for personalized training. He’s consulted for the Cubs, several NFL teams and even the US Special Forces, but it’s a shoutout last week from one of his newest clients that’s brought unexpected attention.

“I’ve been working with probably the best speed trainer in the world, his name is Chris Korfist,” said Bears running back David Montgomery on a zoom call last week.

“The next thing I know I have all kinds of requests for interviews, and I’m thinking, “I’m just this dude who works out of his garage,” Korfist said.

Montgomery started working with Korfist a year ago at the recommendation of Bears teammate Thomas Ives, who attended Hinsdale Central High School where Korfist teaches history.

“He’s actually teaching me how to run,” Montgomery said of Korfist.

“David was so powerful when he pushed on the ground his pelvis tilted back, so it creates a timing problem because he can’t bring his knees up again so it becomes more of a stumble than a sprint,” Korfist said.

They worked to correct the issue and increased Montgomery’s sprint speed to 22 miles per hour – even though the running back didn’t want to divulge the method to Korfist’s madness on the zoom call.

“That’s like me giving you the recipe to my mama’s fried chicken, I can’t do that,” he joked.

“I think David likes to keep it a secret,” responded Korfist.

One of Korfist’s favorite tools is the 1080 Sprint device for overspeed training.

“It’s a computer where I can track every step you take, your power output, force output, velocity, and I can control how fast you run.” 

If it gives Montgomery that extra burst, Bears fans will be happy.

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