Hawl In “Meet The Fan”: “Nacho” ordinary hat switch


Ethan Bardolph changes a White Sox helmet into a Cubs helmet in the span of a 24 second Twitter video.

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CHICAGO – When both teams in the Windy City currently sit in first place, the anticipation already begins for what’s to come in about two months.

Unlike past seasons, the city series between the Cubs and White Sox will take place over four consecutive days. On July 25th and July 26th US Cellular Field plays host to the rivalry while Wrigley takes over for the final two on the 27th and 28th.

Whether both teams remain in first place till then is left to be seen. One this is for sure: Fans from both sides are already gearing up for the match-up.

This is from Cubs fan Ethan Bardolph, the subject of this “Hawl In Meet The Fan.”

The Chicago-area man said he attended a White Sox game last Thursday and watched Chris Sale pick up his ninth-straight victory to open the season.

During the game, naturally, he got hungry. At US Cellular Field there is an option to buy not just a tub of nachos but rather a helmet full of them. Ethan said he shared them with a friend but ended up with the helmet.

Naturally as a Cubs fan, the helmet needed a paint job.

Having an interest in art and painting, especially goalie masks, Ethan decided to take a black and white White Sox hat and turn it into one fit for the North Side.

He did just that and in the process posted a time lapse video of the art work on his Twitter account. He sped it up as she spray painted the helmet first red to the Cubs’ “C” logo and then blue to mimic the one the team wears on a daily basis.

In a few minutes (or 24 seconds in the video) the job was finished and had a new piece of artwork to represent the Cubs as the summer begins. So does the countdown to a city series that could be one to remember if these solid starts by the teams hold up.



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