Harvey drops 51 inches of rain on Houston, so Astros beat Dodgers 5-1

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HOUSTON — The Houston Astros are defining what “Houston Strong” is all about with World Series stat. Just a few months ago, Hurricane Harvey brought 51 inches of rain to Houston, and on Wednesday, the Astros beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1 to win the World Series.

Hurricane Harvey devastated the city of Houston. The Hurricane’s total rainfall has been updated to 60.58 inches, but 51 inches is the number that stuck in most Texans’ heads, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Harvey left more than 75 people dead, prompting the Astros to wear a Houston Strong uniform patch for the remainder of their 2017 season.

Maybe it was fate or sheer determination, but the Astros beating the Dodgers in Game 7 gave the team their first franchised World Series win.

“This was the team the city of Houston needed after Hurricane Harvey to help lift us up. And what was particularly poignant to me was the final score on Wednesday night, 5 to 1,” Eric Berger from Houston’s Space City Weather wrote.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner also congratulated the Astros on their 5-1 victory and compared it to Harvey’s 51 inches of rainfall in a press conference on Thursday.

Other Texans are also noticing the correlation and congratulating the Astros on their victory.

Whether the 5-1 win was a coincidence or not, the Astros’s win is a testament to Houston’s resilience and strength.


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