CHICAGO – The Thunderbird house is now home to three Chicago Public League champions.

Kevari Thunderbird tossed a gem for Kenwood Academy in its 2-0 win over Walter Payton College Prpp, shutting out the Grizzlies for the Broncos first ever baseball city title.

The junior southpaw’s 12-strikeout performance ensured his two older brothers Kevin Jr. and K’Vion would leave school with a ring.

“To be honest, they’re my brothers but they’re like father figures to me. They’re role models for me,” explained Kevari. “They lead me on the right path, tell me everything I need to be doing to be headed in the right direction.”

“It’s an amazing feeling to come out here and win with these guys one last time before we go to college,” added K’Vion, who returned to the diamond for his senior season after focusing on football last year and eventually committing to play linebacker at Arizona State.

“It was a great experience to do this with my brothers,” remarked Kevin Jr. “We’ve been working eight months for this. My coach told me yesterday they dedicated this season to me because I’m the only senior that starts and plays the majority of games. They did this for me and I’m very appreciative of that.”

“No matter what they do in their lives, this will stick with them forever,” noted head coach Romey Bracey. “Their kids’ kids’ kids can talk about this moment that they had with three brothers that went to the same school together and were able to win a championship.”

Mayor Brandon Johnson handed out medals to Bracey and the Broncos as they celebrated the historic victory at Guaranteed Rate Field.

“I always tell them, ‘It’s better to be a trailblazer than to ride somebody else’s coat tails.’

“I don’t want to sound like I’m not extremely happy about today, but our main number one goal is to become the first minority team to ever win a state championship. It’s never happened before in the history of Illinois. We did what we were supposed to do for our school. Now, we’re trying to do something for our community and for our state.”