PHOENIX, Ariz. – Greg Olsen has been on the NFL’s biggest stage before, but this time he will be involved in every play.

Olsen is gearing up to call his first Super Bowl after rising through the ranks in the broadcast booth.

“To finally be here, to be here in Arizona, and understand that when that ball gets kicked off it’s going to be your voice narrating the game, bringing people – hopefully – a unique insight into the strategy the matchups, the coaching decisions, the personnel. There’s so many cool elements to the game of football that I really enjoy trying to bring into people’s homes.”

Tom Brady is expected to take Olsen’s spot on FOX’s number one team in 2024. But, for now the 37-year-old rising star is focused on learning every facet of the Chiefs and Eagles matchup – like he always has.

“If you don’t know what you’re doing as a player, people are going to know. You’ll be exposed. It’s the exact same thing in the booth. Maybe even more so because you can’t hide.

“I’d say the biggest difference and what I’ve really enjoyed is – you’re studying the offense, you’re studying the defense, you’re studying the offensive line, the defensive line, the secondary, pressure schemes – you’re studying the entire picture of football which is something I’ve always really enjoyed. Wasn’t always relevant to my time as a player, so I didn’t waste a lot of time studying the corner if I wasn’t going to line up on him. On the broadcast, you have to be comfortable and insightful enough to speak from different perspective of guys on the field. I’ve enjoyed that part the most because I feel like that’s the beauty of the game. Everyone follows the ball. Everyone knows who has the ball. What about everybody else on the field?”

The former Bears tight end watched a lot of Justin Fields the past couple seasons and he’s liked what he’s seen in year two.

“What a turnaround. We were there last year in person when he made his first start in Cleveland. It was tough. They didn’t really give him much help. To see the transformation he made into the playmaker he was this year with not a ton around him – obviously, a team that’s still trying to build some of the weapons and personnel around him = was really impressive.

“We all see the highlights and spin moves and movement out of the pocket and the run game, but to see him deliver the ball from the pocket and see him continue to grow as a passer. I think Chicago’s got a good one on their hands. They have to do what Philadelphia did and continue to support their young quarterback with premiere outside receivers, continue to shore up his offensive line. Not to take anything away from Jalen Hurts, but that environment has really helped him grow. I think they need to take that model and follow it in Chicago and understand you’ve got a young guy on a rookie contract. Take advantage of it and support him with other good players and you’ll bring out the best in him.”

Olsen has shared the field with good players since his college days at Miami, including Devin Hester who many believe should already be in Canton.

“Absolutely. The Hall of Fame should be people who impact the game and in a lot of ways change the way we view the game. That’s Devin. I was fortunate enough to be his teammate in two different places.

“I’ve always been his biggest fan. I was there for his first ever opening kickoff return against Florida that year in the OB. I hope he gets the call he deserves.”

Just like Olsen will Sunday at State Farm Stadium.