Emily Kaplan discusses the NHL bubble and the Blackhawks’ future on GN Sports

GN Sports

CHICAGO – Life in the bubble is a very 2020 thing, but it’s what had to be done to have a season or have playoff series this season.

That includes the NHL, who had bubbles in both Edmonton and Toronto to declare a Stanley Cup champion. There were 24-teams that started in this unique postseason – 12 in each city – and the final four moved to Edmonton to finish things out.

Emily Kaplan of ESPN decided to take a closer look at life in the bubble and used nine-players who spoke off the record to create a picture of what life has been like for some players since July.

She discussed that along with the future of the Blackhawks after a run in the Edmonton bubble late in the summer with Josh Frydman. Watch their entire segment in the video above.


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