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CHICAGO – Have you ever heard the story of kids coming home from school to watch their favorite baseball team on Channel 9?

It was part of Chicago’s sporting culture for decades as WGN-TV broadcast afternoon Cubs’ games from Wrigley Field along with other parts of the country from the 1940s through the first two decades of the 2000s.

The iconic voices of Jack Brickhouse and Harry Caray created a soundtrack from the ambiance of a unique broadcasts that made for quality television no matter the caliber of team on the field. They live on in the memory of fans even after the team left WGN after the 2019 season.

But there were countless people behind the scenes that helped to make these experiences so great, including the man who helped to shape what you saw and heard through those years. Known for his trademark typewriter in the old booth at Wrigley Field, Jack Rosenberg was the off camera influence for broadcasts for decades.

He molded on-air talent, booked guests, while also serving as mentor and friend to all at WGN.

That’s how Rosenberg is being remembered after his death on Sunday at the age of 94. Dan Roan, who worked with Jack for years, shared his memories of the sports editor on Monday’s GN Sports. Click on the video above to watch.