DEERFIELD, Ill. – At the end of a historic week for the WNBA record books, basketball is not the only thing on Candace Parker’s mind.

The two-time MVP and her Sky teammates are still wrapping their heads around the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“I have a 13-year-old daughter. For me personally, for us in this generation to mess this up for her and the decisions that she can make and the ownership of her own body – I feel like we’re doing a disservice to an entire generation,” Parker explained. “I get emotional because I feel like as women in this country every time we take two or three steps forward – is it by chance that it was close to Title IX and the 50th anniversary? I feel like we have a way in this country of handling things in that way. I think I’m just disappointed.”

“To me it’s just heartbreaking that we’re in 2022 and women are still fighting for their right for their own bodies,” noted Sky guard Courtney Vandersloot. “I don’t agree with it. For people that are standing up and being the voice – I think it’s really important. The fight’s not over. People need voices and I think the WNBA and the Chicago Sky is a great platform.”

The Sky released a statement in the wake of the SCOTUS ruling Friday.

“The Chicago Sky stand for all women and their rights to have autonomy over their own bodies and decide their own futures. We will be a voice for all those impacted by today’s supreme court decision and continue to fight for women’s freedom, health equity, and social justice.”

Parker plans to be one of those vocal leaders.

“I’m going to do everything in my power to get as many people to vote and to be active in our system, in our politics, in our government. It’s the longest-standing democracy for a reason. It’s because people participate. But, when people stop participating in the democracy, then it goes away. Nothing is guaranteed. I know, for me, I’m going to use my voice and things like that, but I’m also going to use my vote to put in people that are going to represent the people.”