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CHICAGO — One of the all-time greatest Chicago Bears players, Brian Urlacher stopped by WGN Morning News Tuesday to share some big news — HE HAS HAIR!

“I wore a hat everywhere I went for a year,” Urlacher said about keeping his new hair a secret.

After a close friend had the RESTORE procedure, he said he was intrigued. While he was happy being bald, he hadn’t seen himself with hair since college and was curious. The best part? He learned he could always shave his head again if he didn’t like how the hair looked.

He said the procedure only took one day, and he was in and out — no cuts or anything like that, he explained. Basically they removed one hair at a time from the back of his head, and moved it to the front (where he needed it.)

He joked that there is so much now that he can do with his hair: “My showers take longer. I gotta leave a couple extra minutes to comb it in the morning. Put gel in it sometimes now. It’s great!”

Screw football — Brian Urlacher is now giving hope to bald guys everywhere. We salute you!

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