#FeedonThis: Jarrett and Josh are dancing again

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CHICAGO – This has happened before, and most likely going to happen again. Monday just happened to be the day.

It was the right Social Fodder video and the fitting dance by the subject of the video that got Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman on the move during Monday’s Sports Feed.

Naturally, this was part of the best of the show in #FeedonThis on Monday’s show, which you can watch in the video above.

Man Crush Monday had a bit of physicality as well, since Jarrett took after his Man Crush Monday pick and gave Josh a bit of a shove.

But even JP acknowledged that his co-anchor’s pick was the winner this week, and you can see why in the video above.

Meanwhile Ryan Pace is probably doing a dance after his fourth NFL Draft netted him a strong collection of players in 2018.

What’s different about this season is that others outside the organization are just as fired up about it.

You can see what they’re saying in the video above.




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