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CHICAGO – Over the past six decades in the Windy City, there have been plenty of changes for one of the original National Hockey League teams.

From coaches to players, to even the stadium to which they call home, the Blackhawks have transitioned through a number of generations of the franchise. Like everything else in professional sports, things are constantly in flux.

But there are two things that have remained constant. One is the ownership by the Wirtz family, which transition from Bill to Rocky following the death of the former in 2007. The other is what they sport on the ice, and that appears to have caught the eye of fans across the NHL.

On Tuesday the NHL announced that the fans had chosen the Blackhawks’ modern era jersey that have been worn since 1959 to the present day as the best in the 100 years of the NHL. The vote was held over the past five weeks online at, and the team’s sweater featuring the Indian head in the middle and “C” patches on the shoulders came out on top after six million votes were tallied.

Outside of the Blackhawks, the top five is quite unique with three of the teams having moved to others cities. Behind  the Blackhawks were the jerseys of the Hartford Whalers (Now Carolina Hurricanes) from 1979-1992 with Anaheim Mighty Ducks from 1993-2006 having the third most popular jersey. The Quebec Nordiques (Now Colorado Avalanche) sweaters from 1975-1995 came in fourth with the Minnesota North Stars (Now Dallas Stars) from 1978-1981 rounding out the top five.

The Detroit Red Wings (7th) and Montreal Canadiens (9th) were the only other Original Six teams to crack the Top Ten.

Also on the list were the Blackhawks’ sweaters from 1956-1959, which featured a different looking Indian Head logo with the “C” now on the shoulder being in the middle of the sleeve.