Even Bears fans will appreciate Aaron Rodgers’ kindness to this mom, son in Chicago

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CHICAGO — On a cold, Saturday evening in November, two Chicago Bears fans, Julia Nicoll and her 11-year-old son Peter, took the train out from Mount Prospect, Ill. to look at Chicago’s holiday decorations, but the lights weren’t what they were talking about when they got home.

It was the weekend of the Packers-Bears game at Soldier Field on Nov. 12. Julia and Peter were standing at a street light in downtown Chicago when Peter realized Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was waiting at the stoplight with them.

Julia told the Green Bay Press-Gazette that she didn’t believe Peter at first, but then she asked Rodgers “are you…?” and he said “I am.”

Rodgers then introduced himself to Peter and said he was out enjoying the lights before dinner.  He asked Peter sports questions, and Peter apologized for being a Bears fan. Rodgers told Peter not to be sorry though. Peter lives in Chicago, so he should be a Bears fan.

Some other fans recognized Rodgers, so Julia and Peter said goodbye and continued walking. Then, Rodgers surprised Julia and Peter by catching up to them and talking to them like old friends. They walked with Rodgers for another 15 to 20 minutes along Michigan Avenue.

“He was asking me questions that most people would think, ‘Why would Aaron Rodgers care?’ It was so amazing. It was really something, I have to say. It still is,” Julia told the Press-Gazette.

Once they officially said goodbye to Rodgers, Julia and Peter went to Macy’s where they spotted a woman in Packers gear. Excitedly, they told this woman what just happened to them, and the woman just patted Julia’s arm.

She was Packers running back Ty Montgomery’s mom.

After that night, Julia has not been able to stop talking about meeting Aaron Rodgers. She shared a photo of Rodgers with Peter on Facebook to spread the word.

“I’m not bragging that I met him. That’s just pure luck. I’m sharing with the world what a fabulous human being Aaron Rodgers is,” Julia told the Press-Gazette.

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