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CHICAGO — The Olympics always spark interest in a wide range of winter sports, but while it’s hard for the average fan to pick up ski jumping, the quirky game of curling is a different story.

WGN’s Lauren Magiera hit the ice to learn the basics of curling at the Park at Wrigley, just outside Wrigley Field, where a special exhibition of the sport is on display through Wednesday, February 14. Once you learn the basics of how to curl, Lauren says it’s easy to see why the sport can be so contagious— even if you fall on your face at first.

A big part of it is the camaraderie shared between teams. Each game starts with a handshake, ends with a handshake — and is followed by a cold (or hot) drink, shared by both sides.

“The best part of curling is you go and play a game, and afterwards, you ‘broomstack,’ which means the winning team buys the losing team a round of drinks,” curler Adam Miller said. “So you’re battling on the ice and afterwards you’re sharing a drink and telling some stories; there’s nothing better than that.”