World Series champion Dexter Fowler is hanging up his cleats.

The Cubs’ lead-off hitter during 2015 and 2016 posted a .367 on base percentage with the club, deeming Joe Maddon to use to slogan “you go, we go.”

He led off Game 7 of the 2016 World Series with a home run and hit a lead-off double off Clayton Kershaw to start Game 6 of the NLCS.

After his first season on the North Side, reports indicated that he was going to sign with Baltimore. However, with Theo Epstein by his side, he walked out to the team on a Spring Training back field in Mesa.

He posted the following note on social media.

“It’s here. I’m hanging up my cleats. From an 18-year-old draft pick in Colorado to a “vet” in Anaheim — there are a few things I will never forget … Getting THAT call to the big leagues in September 2008. Wow. My world was spinning. My first ‘you’ve been traded to Houston’ heart pounding call.

“The feeling of bliss while hearing the words “All-Star”. Never knew what it felt like t be that guy! Forever grateful. Soaking wet and freezing on the field with tears in my eyes after winning the World Series in Chicago. The comfort of calling St Louis home and being a Red Bird. Today is one of those moments metaphorically step down from your throne with a standing ovation, tip of the cap, and the world stops spinning. I’m mostly proud to look back at my career knowing that I played the game the right way and did my best to make a positive impact beyond the win.

“Denver, Houston, Chicago, St Louis and Anaheim … My family, friends, teammates, and staff. Thank you for 14 years. I gave you me all.”