Watch a “Legos” tribute to the World Series champion Cubs


After the Cubs World Series championship, thefourmonkeys production company created a tribute to the Game 7 win with Legos.

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CHICAGO – If you are trying to find another unique tribute to the World Series champion Cubs, then a production company in Atlanta has something for you.

In honor of the team ending their 108-year title drought, “thefourmonkeys” production company decided to recreate the team’s memorable Game 7 with Legos.

Yup, here’s the replay of the 8-7 Cubs victory at Progressive Field using the popular children’s building blocks.


According to a spokesperson for the company, which has been in business since 2007, work on this video began on November 3rd, taking 50 hours to put together. The Legos were used to build the stadium while OYO Sports mini figures were used for the players.

The one minute and 17 second video features a number of critical plays of the game from Dexter Fowler’s leadoff home to the Cubs to Rajai Davis’ game-tying blast for the Indians. They even included the 17-minute rain delay and the speech given to the team by right fielder Jason Heyward in the equipment room which many players credited for rallying the team after losing the lead.

The go-ahead RBI by Ben Zobrist and the final out that sealed the Cubs’ win are depicted to end the video. Animators even included the final out baseball in the back pocket of Anthony Rizzo as he runs into the pile to celebrate the championships.

For more information on “thefourmonkeys” company, click here for their YouTube page.


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