8 of the best celebrity reactions to the Cubs win

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CHICAGO — Celebrities: they’re just like us. Especially when it comes to sports. Fame doesn’t make you immune to the vicissitudes and triumphs of fandom. But it’s still fun to see how they react when their favorite teams win, especially when it’s the Cubs. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Hillary Clinton’s “Holy Cow” face

Even though she’s locked in what’s being called the Most Important Election of Our Lifetime by many, Park Ridge Native Hillary Clinton was clearly blown away by a win that has been several lifetimes in the making.

2. The Dodgers’ classy concession

Along with plenty of impressive displays of skill, there was a high level of sportsmanship on the part of both the Dodgers and the Cubs. This very classy tweet showing Joe Maddon and Dave Roberts shows how real sportsmanship happens both on and off the field.

3. Nick Offerman’s effective use of 140 characters

Words fail many of us when we see history being made. Even those of us who make all the best words for a living. But Joliet, IL native Nick Offerman got it right.

4. POTUS & FLOTUS tweet home

Even though President Obama is a well-documented Sox fan, Michelle Obama was one of many Cubs supporters who took to social media to remember the fans who are no longer with us in person – but were part of the celebration in spirit.

5. Moises Alu’s sigh of relief

The ‘Bartman Incident’ (and subsequent Cubs implosion) may have been 13 years ago, but the pain almost seemed to grow as time went on. Former Cubs outfielder Moises Alu, who might have caught that notorious ball, celebrated along with his old team. And maybe Steve Bartman did somewhere too, as it might be time for him to come out of hiding.

6. D-Wade and Lebron’s bet

Dwayne Wade is back in Chicago, and his praise of the Cubs brought a challenge by Cleveland’s Lebron James on which NBA superstar’s hometown will come out on top in the impending World Series.

7. Jeremy Piven: no more next year

Jeremy Piven grew up in Evanston, and like many he was excited that “someday” finally became “today” for Cubs fans.

8. Huh. John Cusack

John Cusack may not get as much attention as Bill Murray and other stars for the Cubs fandom, but he’s been a stalwart supporter of the squad for years.


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