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CHICAGO — Anthony Rizzo is leading the charge to fight pediatric cancer, joining with partners like the Chicago Tribune and University of Chicago to raise money for cancer research and tell survivors’ stories through the Cancer Can’t Compete program.

Rizzo introduced himself as “first baseman and pitcher” for the Cubs Tuesday following his pitching debut Monday night, when manager Joe Maddon gave in after days of reported badgering from Rizzo and put him on the mound.

Rizzo got down to the serious business of helping to raise awareness and money to fight cancer by kicking off the campaign Tuesday.  Diagnosed 10 years ago, he’s a survivor of Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Beginning this Sunday and every Sunday for 16 weeks, the Tribune will share the stories of Chicago-area families and their battle against cancer. Then from August 1-14, you can help by shopping at Mariano’s and contributing to the effort.

Rizzo was joined by two young men who are currently fighting cancer as well, 15-year-old Cedric Elery and 21-yr-old Anthony Bendy.

“I feel great, excited to meet him and excited to tell my story to other people,” Cedric said.

“It’s great to be a part of all of this and to meet Anthony and to be able to tell my story,” patient Anthony Bendy says.

Money raised locally will go to the University of Chicago, where they are doing amazing t-cell cancer therapy and seeing great results.