LONDON – Despite opposition, the Ricketts family is doing what they can to win over supporters of one of England’s most prestigious soccer clubs as they look to purchase it this spring.

Per the Associated Press, the owners of the Chicago Cubs have released an eight-point plan for the future of the Chelsea Football Club should they buy it, meeting with supporter groups before coming up with the proposal.

In it, the Ricketts have pledged never to join a European Super League, which was nearly formed in 2021, while also making a commitment to inclusion and diversity.

Supporters of Chelsea have voiced their displeasure over the family making the bid to buy the club based on their questions of whether the family is indeed all about the latter, pointing out racist comments and conspiracy theories in emails sent in the past by family patriarch Joe Ricketts.

There were even protests of the Ricketts by supporters outside of Stamford Bridge before their match with Brentford on Saturday based on that topic.

In their plan, they also pledged not to change Chelsea’s logo or colors should they end up buying the franchise.

The Ricketts is one of four finalists for a bid to buy the storied English Premier League club that used to be owned by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovic. He was forced to sell after sanctions were placed on him by the UK government after Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Final submissions for bids are due by April 11th, but no timeline has been set to announce who will take over for Abramovich as the owner of the club.